PODA initiates water project for Potohar region

STAFF REPORT CHAKWAL: The Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) with the support of KGF Foundation has started a project to provide water supply to the people of only rain-fed Potohar region.

This project is implemented among 300 rural families of village Naramughlan of the district.

Under this project, rain water harvesting is done with the participation of community especially rural women for their drinking, domestic usage, livestock and food production.

PODA field office has organized multiple capacity-building training technical session among the rural communities to adopt multiple activities to harvest rain water.

The training session covers all the technical innovative approaches and easy practices to collect rain water with smart techniques.

In these training, women farmers learned about smart methodologies to captured rainwater i.e. rooftop rainwater harvesting and purification for drinking and domestic usage. Yard rain water is stored by women for family kitchen gardening. Street rainwater is collected in community ponds for livestock.

Field visits and site selection for the model were facilitated by the organization and completely monitored throughout the project.

Micro-catchments management and watershed development at small community level are also developed by farmers.

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