Students create 3D mobile obstacle avoidance robots

STAFF REPORT ISB: Many schools in Pakistan are really beginning to do an excellent job at modernizing the education system. Schools are beginning to focus more on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curricula, and in doing so, technology has become a big part of education.

One research company in particular, called LearnOBots, seems to be at the forefront of introducing technology into the classroom environment, and 3D printing is a big part of their ideology.

The company was founded to inspire Pakistani kids towards STEAM education, explained LearnOBots co-founder Shamyl Bin Mansoor to

“We use open source software and open source hardware to create products that we use to teach kids about STEAM. In Pakistan buying toys, tools and electronics that are usually imported is very difficult for most people as it is usually expensive.

The 3D printing is helping us build these tools locally instead of mass manufacturing or importing from China, he said.

LearnOBots has teamed with schools to offer interesting workshops for educating children using 3D printing technology.

While LearnOBots offers five different workshops for schools, including construction of LEGO Mindstorm Robot kits, the assembly of electronic snapcircuits, and the creation of solar houses, 3D printing also plays a major role.

Two workshops in particular are based around 3D printing, one being a workshop on creating 3D printed mobile robots.

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