BC CEO evaluates universities role fort quality education

STAFF REPORT ISB: Ciarán Devane, the new Chief Executive Officer of the British Council, has recently visited HEC to participate in the orientation event “The UK and Pakistan: Increasing Investment in Research for Higher Education.”

The programme was aimed at providing an opportunity to beneficiaries of the HEC-British Council collaborative education and research initiatives to meet the new CEO and benefit from his international experience and proficiency.

HEC Chairman Prof. Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Country Director of British Council Pakistan Peter Upton and Acting Executive Director Dr Mansoor Akbar Kundi were also present on the occasion.

The British Council has been working with HEC since 2004 with the launch of joint Higher Education Links programme and later on with Phase-II of the same programme in 2006. The programme has been funded by the HEC and managed by the British Council in Pakistan.

“Its really impressive to see the great work presented by senior researchers which shows how you are bringing together some most important sectors of the society, including academics, industry, students, media, and civil society,” said Devane in his remarks.He added that it is very promising to see that the Government of Pakistan has expanding access to higher education and has worked substantially at policy level to improve scientific research activities in Pakistan.

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