Experts for rationale wheat pricing mechanism

STAFF REPORT ISB: The government needs to rationalise the support pricing mechanism to address a problem which is fiscally unsustainable, Dr. Abid Qayum Suleri, Executive Director SDPI, has said.

He expressed these views while discussing the wheat policy pricing structure, at a special lecture on Pakistans Wheat Economy and Food Security,” recently held at SDPI, Islamabad.

He also suggested institutionalizing the role of middleman in order to regulate the wheat procurement activity.

He cautioned that now after the fuel crisis, wheat-flour crisis is on the horizon. The markup may be passed on to the consumers and in the end neither the farmer nor the consumer will gain anything from very high support price of the wheat.

Earlier, Dr. Asif Saeed Khan of Auckland University, in his lecture, said that wheat contributed between 60 to 70 per cent of Pakistans food security paradigm. In Pakistan growth in the agriculture sector is fundamental for overall growth, of which wheat production is central.

Vice Chancellor Agricultural University Faisalabad, Dr Iqrar Khan, in his remarks said, farmer is the backbone of the countrys economy, who is not getting any benefit.

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