Experts for reforms in transport system

STAFF REPORT ISB: Experts at a discussion stressed the need to reform the mass transport system in Pakiatan saying that the change in parochial approach is must to better understand the issues related to this sector.

The political discussin was arranged in Islamabad by the Pakistan Sustainable Transport (PAKSTRAN) Project. Purpose of the event was to create a better understanding of sustainable urban transport concepts amongst stakeholders, particularly the policy makers.

The panel for the dialogue included politicians and subject experts that added to highlighting the issues and opportunities of sustainable transport in Pakistan. The objective of the event was to secure a commitment from political parties towards raising awareness of and supporting the development of mass transit systems.

Shireen Mazari representing PTI said: “Public transport should be for all classes of society so that all can ride safely and comfortably”.

She also placed special emphasis on the need and implementation of laws and regulations that not only provide dignity and safety to passengers, but also regulate transport providers.

Syeda Shehla Raza, Deputy Speaker from PPP, highlighted road safety and the need for establishing a driver training and safety centers to promote responsible behavior on the road.

Marvi Memon from PML-N focused attention on Vision 2025 and accentuated the importance of the Pak-China corridor that would link markets.

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