Centre-provinces rifts ruining climate change policy

STAFF REPORT ISB: While the climate change has become an issue of top priority especially in developing countries, the case in Pakistan is different as it has failed to ensure implementation of its first-ever climate change policy on account of sheer negligence of the governments.

“The first National Climate Change Policy was approved in September 2012, but it could not be implemented owing to ignorance on part of that government and dispute between the federal and provincial governments over the policy,” said an official requesting anonymity. He said no meeting was arranged between the Centre and the provinces over this issue since the incumbent government took over.

The ministry contacted the provinces in 2014 last time, but could not get positive response, the source said.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not call even a single meeting to implement the policy and reduce the rift between the federal and provincial governments.

The official pointed out the government appointed different federal secretaries to head this division, but they also ignored its goals.

Senator Mushahidullah, who has recently been given the Climate Change Division, told the media that the implantation of the climate change policy was his top priority and he would review the policy and fine-tune it further.

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