The age of technology gains a strong foothold in Pakistan

Analysing the growth that has taken place in Pakistan since its inception in 1947, a lot can be said in terms of infrastructure development, agricultural growth and progress in education. However, it is important to shed light on one sector that barely existed at the time of independence and has now grown to be a deep-rooted and well-established part of the economy, and one upon which many of us greatly depend. The winds of change in the Information Technology sector of Pakistan have urged Pakistani inventors and entrepreneurs to focus on the idea of adding value to existing products. The e-commerce industry, which leads this charge, might be at a nascent stage in Pakistan but the sector has strong potential.


Gone is the era when information took ages to pass from one community to another, when letters were received after weeks and when communication was considered problematic and challenging. Today, Pakistan is ranked among those countries where technology is so widely prevalent that at times people do not even fully comprehend how easy and convenient their lives have become.

This is because with the advent of the internet, the entire process of buying and selling has been revolutionised. This buying and selling of products online is known as e-commerce, and a number of examples of businesses using e-commerce can now be seen emerging in Pakistan, dealing in accessories, clothes and gadgets.

While e-commerce itself is not a new concept, people in Pakistan are still accustomed to the old way of life, which includes making payments in person and bargaining for a lower price. However, e-commerce is gradually expanding and as more and more people are finding out that they can purchase products and pay via Internet, numerous new businesses are flourishing online and the trend is continuously on the rise.


Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are widely used by people to connect with friends and family, to update opinions periodically or to follow what celebrities have to say. Instagram and Flickr are gaining fame too, allowing people to share images without much effort.

Similarly, another trending website is LinkedIn which is a professional networking website where people update their employment record, qualifications and current job status and connect with others professionally. This means that people have now grasped the concept that there are multiple uses of technology and these uses are certainly not limited to entertainment.

While people in Pakistan are more interested in online entertainment platforms and social networking websites, a shift in their interest is gradually taking place as they now have enough awareness regarding the technology available. Also, the idea that technology can be a source of income has slowly carved its way into the psyche of Pakistans industries, which explains the emergence of various web-based companies whose formation has resulted in an influx of new job opportunities.


Whether it is a simple task such as ordering pizza, or a complex undertaking such as purchasing property, everything is now exceptionally straightforward.

There are various websites that provide ample information, thereby playing the essential role of ensuring transparency for customers. For instance,, a prominent online shopping platform, is a website which allows its customers to shop without leaving the comfort of their homes. Customers can access a wide array of products including gifts, electronics, bags, jewellery and other accessories. The website provides a reliable service and has gained the confidence of people on a wide scale.

Another established website is, which has single-handedly transformed the buying and selling process of properties in Pakistan. It is the leading real estate web portal in the country and seeks to ensure the provision of reliable and authentic real estate information to its visitors. The site offers property listings complete with images, contact information of trusted agencies, and regular updates on a wide range of topics such as construction, investment tips and home décor. While previously searching for a house was an arduous task, it has revolutionised the real estate sector and has allowed people to find the perfect house with much less hassle.

When it comes to online shopping, food is the first thing on peoples minds and is a website which has transformed the process of ordering food. Using this website, you will be presented with details of the many options available, including price, the number of servings, available discounts, new deals and much more. You can even make reservations before you leave your house.


Lets take a minute and truly appreciate the progress in technology, which, while previously limited to our computer screens only, has now surpassed this barrier and is literally in our hands. Using mobile phones to stay connected is now the norm and smartphones have given a whole new dimension to online shopping, thereby making peoples lives all the more convenient. Whether it is food that you wish to order or clothes and jewellery, everything can be accessed through apps prepared by IT developers in Pakistan.

For instance, two of the aforementioned websites, and, have created smartphone apps through which people can search for their products on the go. This means that every item from food to property available for sale is now in peoples mobile devices, just a tap away.

The revolution that Pakistans IT sector has brought about in the lives of this countrys citizens has just begun to fully emerge, and it has a long and prosperous road ahead. With information being available so easily, IT developers are hard at work to create cutting-edge surprises for people.

This will allow social media to flourish and at the same time eradicate numerous social problems in the country which have so far prevailed only due to the absence of a transparent platform. Now that technology is being used expansively, such problems can be eradicated from their roots. The future looks promising.

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