Open Source Technology only option of national development

By Ahsan Jamil

ISLAMABAD: A seminar focusing on the topic of Pen Source has recently been held at FAST-NUCES, Islamabad.

The seminar was organized by Qasim Mehmood to highlight the utilities of Open Source Technology amongst professionals from IT and telecom industry.

Babar Zahoor, an Open Source Evangelist and Founder of Open Source Foundation, dilated upon the goal of his Foundation to make Pakistan a hub of open source technology in Asia by 2020. He described the applications of Open Source Technology in multiple fields.

He reiterated his vision that Pakistan should become a leader in user friendly technologies by developing, streamlining and shaping the local knowledge into a visible, tangible and sustainable commodity with Made in Pakistan and By a Pakistani stamped on it.

He said that he is looking for a social change in society using Open Source Technologies hence ensuring “Equal Access for Everyone to Innovative Technology”.

He strongly advocated that following into the footsteps of many developed and developing countries, Pakistan should end its dependence on borrowed and licensed technologies and instead use Open Source, which is cost-effective, user friendly and can be developed to deliver on local demands.

He affirmed that it will not only help Pakistan grow strongly in this field but will help utilize and polish the skills of our teeming youth bursting at the seams to showcase their talent and entrepreneurship.

Numan Khan, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional, was also present on the occasion; he also gave presentation on the topics of asterisks and IP telephony using open source technology.

He explained how open source asterisks, IP telephony can be used at SMB and enterprise level that includes Banks, Airlines, Oil and Gas, Health Industry, Business Centers and Hospitality.

As many as 15 participants including professionals from IT and telecom industry, professors and students participated in the seminar.

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