Study group discusses SIMs verification results

STAFF REPORT ISB: SDPIs study group on IT and Telecom in its recently meet has discussed gains and losses result from implementing the governments directive to reverify 103 million SIMs through biometric verification system (BVS).

About 75 million SIMs have been verified as the deadline set for this campaign has lapsed.

PTA Chairman Dr. Syed Ismail Shah deliberated on the regulatory aspects of the re-verification initiative.

He shed light on the global perspective of similar exercises undertaken around the globe. He emphasized that the regulator has to maintain a fine balance between the increasing demands of law enforcement agencies in the wake of law and order situation and protecting investment made by cellular mobile operators.

Aslam Hayat, Vice President Corporate Affairs Telenor, said that SIM is not a primary source of crime, but a useful tool for investigation. Sale of verifiable SIMs has remained a challenge in Pakistan. The verification exercise cannot be completed in 90 days. He emphasized the need for consultation between the government and the mobile industry.

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