Wetlands protect bio-diversity, environment

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has about 225 designated wetlands that cover about 10 per cent of its land. However, there is little knowledge about the significance of these areas.

These lands can play a leading role in protecting the environment, offering bio-diversity, fishing grounds and helping in flood control by absorbing water. Also, wetlands not only purify and replenish water, they also provide us fish that feed hundreds of millions of people. In Pakistan, wetlands are home to rich bio-diversity and provide livelihood opportunities for local communities, besides a number of recognised ecosystem services.

In view of the devastating floods in the country during the last five years, the role of wetlands to reduce the intensity of floods has become all the more necessary.

According to experts, in order to save these wetlands, we need to create more awareness among people and involve our younger generation to work towards a safe future.

Rapid population growth and urban areas also have a negative impact on wetlands. Policies that take into account all these factors must be put in place if we are to save our land from environmental ruin.

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