New technology in the offing to fight kilns pollution

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) Punjab has decided to introduce new technology being used in India to fight the air pollution caused by the brick-kilns. In this regard, a delegation is preparing to visit India very soon.

The air pollution caused by the brick kilns was always a cause of concern for residents, environmentalists and social activists who continued to criticise the EPD as well as Punjab government for not taking any concrete action against these kilns.

Recently, Dr Iqbal Chauhan, Secretary EPD, Punjab, has held a meeting with the Brick Kilns Association as a result of which the association agreed to replace the old models of kilns across the province.

He said the brick-kilns emission could be reduced by upgrading the technology and adopting affecting emission-control measures. He said the environmental friendly measures would also reduce the production cost of the kilns.

Environmentalists claim that the brick-kiln produces COx, NOx, SOx Hydrocarbons and particulates (dust), which adversely affected the environment. They said release of toxic substances from brick-kilns adversely affected the people residing in the nearby areas. They said besides producing pollution, kilns also destroyed nearby lands, plantation, flora and fauna.

They said brick production could alter the landscape in ways that were harmful to environment.

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