Solar power project completed at LUMS

STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistans first milestone of a long time envisioned and thoroughly developed solar project has been completed, connected and commissioned thereby providing the Pakistani market with additional clean energy.

As early as 2013, the LUMS had decided to equip its buildings with sun2live rooftop installations. By now, the installation of a first 300 kWp system under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that was concluded between the meeco Group, through its joint venture in Pakistan Oursun Solar Power Limited and LUMS has been completed.

After the initial successful 48 kwp sun2live installation on the roof of one of the university buildings in 2013, Oursun Solar Power Limited and LUMS have pursued their cooperation by concluding the 2014 PPA adding additional 300 kWp.

This new photovoltaic installation is expected to produce a minimum of 502.200 kWh per year, which shall thus save 43.18 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Oursun Solar Power Limited was in charge of developing, constructing, commissioning and subsequently operating the PPA project while LUMS will, apart from buying the produced solar energy, closely monitor the generation efficiency of the project through a software platform provided for by Oursun Solar Power Limited.

The goal of this joint monitoring project is to analyse and enhance the performance of PV installations.

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