Saemaul Undong replicated in Punjab to build rural economy

STAFF REPORT ISB: South Koreas Saemaul Undong was launched in 1970 by late President Gen. Park Chung-hee to build rural economy and catalyze socio-economic development and welfare of the people.

This integrated rural development plan has revamped and modernize the rural sector with miraculous changes in rural communities through participatory governance, close interaction and cooperative action among villagers having political will and sincere guidance. It operates on diligence, self-help and cooperation and averse to any falseness, hypocrisy and vanity.

In view of Saemaul Undong role in South Korea, the KOICA always concentrates on transferring its experiences to other developing/under developed countries including Pakistan.

KOICA has dispatched 15 government officials including Secretary Dawood Muhammad and Additional Secretary Shahid Farid from Local Government and Rural Development Department of Punjab. These officials were trained in Korea on New Village movement and rural development.

After their training in Korea, the Secretary Local Government, Punjab along with their team initiated an integrated rural development programme in three districts (Chiniot, Lodhran and Bhawal Nagar) of Punjab.

The programme is being implemented initially in six villages as a pilot model.

This is a great success story of Korea, KOICA and Punjab government as the training is being used for improving and welfare of rural societies and reducing poverty.

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