BASF comes up with solutions for footwear, leather industry

STAFF REPORT LHR: The BASF presented a broad range of innovative solutions for leather processing and footwear customers at the recent Pakistan Mega Leather.

The solutions focused on better protection of the environment, efficient use of resources, and improved consumer protection.

At the show, BASF Leather Chemicals introduced new recipes for waterproof leather and state-of-the-art finishes. Water conservation in beamhouse system and effluent treatment remained the main focus area.

DryFast beamhouse innovation reduces water consumption by up to 60 percent, produces cleaner effluents with sludge reduction by up to 50 percent and shortens process time by at least 12 hours compared to conventional beamhouse processes, while Zetag and Magnasol based water treatment solutions ensure the return of higher quality of clean water back into the general water supply.

Coming together as one company, other business units within BASF also showcased the latest polyurethane solutions for casual and safety shoes, flooring and waterproofing solutions.

“Our commitment is to help our customers to be more successful with BASFs innovative products and solutions. We are also constantly striving to offer the best service support available to our customers at their doorstep,” said Faisal Akhtar, MD BASF Chemicals and Polymers Pakistan.

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