Haier sets up online factories

STAFF REPORT LHR: Haier, the worlds number one major appliances brand for six years running, has announced the setting up of Online Factories to serve as a direct link between the companys research and development resources and end users to create, among other appliances, refrigerators that are packed with smart features.

Haiers refrigerator range marketed in Pakistan, right from the mini to the top of the line series come with some outstanding hygiene and health features that are exclusive to the brand.

All Haier refrigerators come equipped with a unique removable anti-fungal gasket that sticks to the main body to keep the door tightly closed at all times, sealing in the freshness and isolating it from the harmful ambient environment. The gasket can be easily removed and cleaned unlike other brands with permanently installed gaskets that, over time, encourage the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria.

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