QNB, NCR sign deal on new software platform

STAFF REPORT ISB: QNB has signed a software professional services agreement with NCR Corporation to successfully migrate to NCR Consumer Experience Banking (CxBanking) software – Aptra Activate. The Aptra Activate multi-channel platform integrates smoothly with the banks current infrastructure and will empower QNB customers to have consistent experience across the banks entire self-service channel in an advanced and secure environment.

QNB will be the first bank in Qatar to deploy NCRs CxBanking Activate Platform to transform the banking services in the country.

It will also be one of the first large financial institutions in the Middle East to move its self-service network to the Windows 7 platform, enhancing security and user experience.

“Our agreement with NCR will deliver the latest software technology to help transform the QNB banking experience so we can sharpen our focus on customers and better understand their needs,” said Adel al-Malki, GM IT at QNB Group.

“NCR brings a unique vision for transforming banking service through innovative software platforms that will help us innovate faster and improve our customer experience.”

“The adoption of NCRs latest software solutions will allow the bank to provide consistent banking experience across digital and physical banking channels,” said Habib Hanna, NCR Area Managing Director (South Gulf and Pakistan).

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