UN cautions world is using too much water

STAFF REPORT ISB: The world will struggle to keep up with increasing demands for water if things dont change, warned the United Nations (UN).

At the current pace, only 60 percent of the water needed globally will be available. Major steps must be taken to reduce water usage to minimize the growing problem, according to the UNs water body in a new report.

“Over the past century, the development of water resources has been largely driven by the demands of expanding populations for food, fibre and energy,” according to the UN report.

“Strong income growth and rising living standards of a growing middle class have led to sharp increases in water use, which can be unsustainable, especially where supplies are vulnerable or scarce.”

The water demand for the world is expected to rise by 55 percent by 2050. Nearly 70 percent of the worlds fresh water goes toward agriculture.

With the growing global population and demographic changes over the next few decades, it is expected 60 percent more food will need to be produced in 2050 compared to today.

That places a significant burden on the need for water.

And that is not to mention the 748 million people living without access to clean drinking water.

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