Farmers stage sit-in outside sugar mills over low cane rate

STAFF REPORT HYDERABAD: Growers have recently staged a sit-in outside Faran Sugar Mills in Tando Mohammad Khan here to protest non-payment of sugarcane price of Rs182 per 40kg as notified by the Sindh government.

They demanded of the government to implement its notification in letter and spirit.

The sit-in was attended by around 250 growers from different parts of lower Sindh.

PPP MNA Nawab Yusuf Talpur, Sindh Abadgar Board (SAB) President Abdul Majeed Nizamani and Sindh Chamber of Agriculture (SCA) President Dr Syed Nadeem Qamar led the protest.

Talpur said it was height of injustice with growers that they were not being paid the notified price.

He demanded that the Sindh government should ensure payment of the notified price to growers.

Abdul Majeed Nizamani described the chief minister as weak and helpless before the powerful millers.

Dr Nadeem Qamar said this crisis would affect sugar cane and wheat productivity simultaneously and it would lead to a wheat flour crisis in the country and Sindh.

Majority of population belonged to the agriculture sector and the government should ensure that farmers demands were accepted, he added. Abadgars were feeling insecure because of monopoly of the millers and they were earning millions of rupees at the cost of farmers.

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