SEECS Social Hackathon to be held in May

Staff Report ISD: Major fraction of our population is neglected who despite having access to technology are incapable to utilize it to solve their daily problems and make their lives convenient and competitive.

SEECS Social Hackathon is being organized from May 15,2015 to May 17, 2015 in order to extract marvelous results from talent of students of NUST in general and SEECS in particular.

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Students will be able to showcase their talent, acumen, and flair thus utilizing their analytical skills and knowledge to apply it to solve indigenous social problems. The diversified problems in which our society is draped ranges from crime identification in an area to identification of religious places and providing public complaint registering framework). The issues not only vary in their nature but also in scope and target audience. The students are therefore required to employ an indigenous solution to these problems which is not only pragmatic but also sustainable. The students will gel up for Hackathon Teams (8-10 people inclusive of mentors).

Each team will include 1-2 mentors industry or academia. Mentors, as advisors are expected to provide their valuable input and feedback in the light of their experience and knowledge and will serve as beta testers for the suggested solutions. The mentor tank will be comprised of people possessing at least 3-4 years experience of software development or social programs.

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In past 15 years, Software Development Industry in Pakistan has eminent accomplishments due to innovation an entrepreneurship. The hard work, dedication, ceiling professionalism, and perseverance are of course fundamental ingredients of this success which has unveiled soft, positive portrait of Pakistan in outer world. But the sacrifices imparted at entry level are also integral part of this feat and without them the goals and objectives could not have been attained. This platform is brought into the limelight because of a perceptible disassociation between academia and industry. The fundamental objective of this event is to fill this gap and bring academia and industry closer to each other.

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In addition, industry will have an opportunity to morph their intent and plan into reality and manifest their role to solve societal problems for national development.

This event will be jointly organized under the shade of SEECS, CodeForPakistan, Telenor Pakistan, Bentley Systems and Alchisoft. The media partner for the event is Technology Times.

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