Nuclear Power Reactors-non explosive unlike Nuclear Bombs

THERE EXISTS a pervasive, interesting yet deceptive delirium globally amongst public in general, that the nuclear reactor can explode like an atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons and the nuclear reactor should not be baffled with one other. Both are dedicated for entirely different function and objective. Nuclear weapons are typically used for military purposes whereas; nuclear reactors primarily cater civil applications such as power generation. Although, the working philosophy of both the technologies relies upon same scientific phenomenon i.e. nuclear fission yet there are major disparities that split them apart in terms of identity and put them into an entirely different quadrant.

There is an austere difference found in the composition of the core of nuclear explosive devices and the nuclear power reactors that nullify the prevailing nebulous notion stated above. The core of a nuclear fission explosive device is either composed of high proportion of Pu-239 (which is a radioactive isotope of plutonium metal) or highly-enriched isotope of uranium i.e. U-235. Whereas, in contrast, the nuclear reactor core contains nuclear fuel and generates heat. Nuclear reactor core typically contains low-enriched uranium, control systems and structural materials. It is noteworthy, that the concentration of U-235 found in any reactor fuel is minute and extremely dilute therefore, the possibility of nuclear reactor explosion is void.

Nuclear weapons contain special materials in specific configurations and arrays that ensure the weapon to be explosive unlike the nuclear reactor. These special materials are totally absent in a nuclear reactor that wipes out even the chances of being explosive. Furthermore, reactor fuels are almost 30-90 times dilute in fissionable isotopes to cause an explosive effect identical to an atomic bomb. Therefore, it is nearly impossible and scientifically impractical for a nuclear reactor to gust a nuclear explosion like nuclear weapons.

Nuclear reactors are in fact the safest, cost and time effective source of power generation with extended life time that also offer an extremely low risk factor in terms of social security. The nuclear reactors are highly steadfast in the resolve of safety aspect therefore; awareness must be dispensed to public in general, in order to vanquish the deluding scheme that paints a fallacious explosive and perilous portrait of nuclear reactor in the mind of a common person.

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