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Brand Pakistan: Building the right narrative for Pakistan

Press Release: The inauguration of the 2 day Brand Pakistan Conference (April 28-29) today marked the official launch of the Brand Pakistan movement at a well attended and passion packed grand ceremony at the Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad. The Brand Pakistan movement aims to build the right narrative for Pakistan both locally and at the global front. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, also the Chair Board of Advisors Brand Pakistan, was the Chief Guest at the occasion.

The Brand Pakistan Conference is spread over 2 days from April 28-29. Each day is divided into three focus sessions that deliberate, share and inspire around success stories and leadership emanating from within Pakistan. The Conference strives to build momentum to launch the Brand Pakistan movement with the co-ownership of all the stakeholders from government, commercial, academic, cultural, media and other domains. The galaxy of personalities at the occasion includes Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, Mr. Masood Hashmi, Mr. Uxi Mufti, Mr. Shiraz Ullah Choudhry, Mr. Abdul Malik, Mr. Bharat Avalani, Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, Ms. Aatiqa Lateef, Mr. Michael Foley, Mr. Jawad Humayun, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Mr. Mahmood Sham, Dr. Miftah Ismail, Mr. Naeem Zamindar, Ms. Farzana Yaqoob, Mr. Muhammad Atif Khan, Mr. Asad Umar, Mr. Sarmad Ali, Mr. Muhammad Malick and Mr. Haroon Rashid among others. The star studded attendance by key figures from across different domains of influence therefore marks the importance given to the Brand Pakistan movement.

Speaking at the occasion the Chair of the Board of Advisors Brand Pakistan, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal highlighted the importance of a common vision as Pakistani nation. He appreciated and recognized the timely relevance and situational aptness for the launch of the Brand Pakistan movement. He said that the Brand Pakistan movement will help consolidate widespread national achievements. As a result this will catalyze collective image building for much need national identity and global recognition.

The Convener Brand Pakistan Conference 2015 and M.D. Channel 7 Communications Pvt. Limited, Sayyed Ahmad Masud said at the occasion that Brand Pakistan builds the right narrative around local and global image of Pakistan. Our hope is that the Brand Pakistan movement will unify the Pakistani nation in a way so as to enable everyone, at personal and collective levels, to associate with, draw inspiration from and contribute their success to building the image of Pakistan both locally and globally. Brand Pakistan will run programs throughout the year to sensitize and create partnerships between Brand Pakistan and individuals as well as organizations. This is just the start to a great national journey.

Brand Pakistan is an initiative to bring back the pride in being a Pakistani by celebrating and promoting the amazing success stories and opportunities in Pakistan. This is a continuous effort to make the positive image of Pakistan, and to project it to the globe. Brand Pakistan is a joint venture of Channel 7 and EOS Consultants.

Author: Web Team

Technology Times Web team handles all matters relevant to website posting and management.

Web Team

Technology Times Web team handles all matters relevant to website posting and management.

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