Carbon-free world must for making earth liveable

STAFF REPORT ISB: The global warming, which continues to unleash devastating impacts in different parts of the world including Pakistan, has emerged as a biggest challenge of the present century.

“Climate change has increased frequency in flash floods, forest fires, erratic and torrential rains and led to sea-level rise, melting of glaciers and overall environmental degradation,” said Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah, while addressing the three-day policy workshop.

He said that though every country has become vulnerable to the delirious effects of the climate change, unfortunately the developing countries like Pakistan are the ones likely to be hit the hardest by the unpredictable climatic conditions.

Mushahid warned that failing to adapt to rapidly changing weather patterns for countries like Pakistan will badly hurt the countries efforts meant for achieving sustainable development goals.

He also said that Pakistan along with other countries is striving hard to devise a mechanism to keep the increase in our earths temperature below 2 degree centigrade.

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