No energy security possible without Kalabagh Dam

STAFF REPORT ISB: Patron of Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Dr Shahid Rasheed Butt has said delay in construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD) is threatening the whole population and compromising the existence of country.

Early construction of KBD is in the best interest of the country and generations to come therefore politicians should take the decision in the national interest.

Talking to former central chairman APCNGA Pervaiz Khan Khattak, President Punjab Forum Baig Raj and President Pakistan Economy Watch Dr. Murtaza Mughal, he said that nothing can save country from becoming a desert except KBD.

Dr Shahid said that KBD is mired in intense political controversy since decades threatening 200 million people who will suffer from hunger, thirst and poverty.

The federal government is bound to start the project in the light of the Council of Common Interests decisions; he said adding that lack of consensus on KBD amounts to playing with the future of Pakistan.He said that anti-Pakistan lobbies have converted a technical and humanitarian issue into a political problem to harm country.

Lashing out at the plan of rulers to avoid water sector development to save the federation will eventually destroy the federation, he warned.

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