Climate change to worsen Pak disease encumbrance, Mushahidullah Khan

SIDRA SAIF ISB: Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahidullah Khan has expressed his deep resentment by saying that Pakistans disease burden and its overall impact on socio-economic development gains made in recent years will further rise. He said that this will lead to rising death tolls in coming years because of abruptly changing climate. “Most of such deaths will be in urban areas where living standard and health quality of the people are continuously deterring, particularly due to increasing air and water pollution. Children and elderly people will be particularly at stake,” he further added.

Minister Climate Change further said, “The human health will particularly suffer from increasing ground-level ozone, which forms smog.

The ozone, which is associated with the increased risk of premature death in adults and diminished lung function, would also lead to increased hospital admissions for asthma, particularly in children who have low tolerance level and are more vulnerable.”

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