Museums are an exceptional educational resource

Staff Report ISb: The International Council of Museums (ICOM) Pakistan held its executive board meeting to discuss the plans for bringing museums and museum educational institutions together. It was discussed that to revitalizing the significance of museums, museum education, and their social impacts in terms of awareness, ICOM Pakistan will schedule training workshops, symposiums, and seminars.

Muhammad Akhter Javed, President ICOM Pakistan in his keynote address said, “Museums and specially science museums are an exceptionally important resource for public education and engagement in natural as well as social scientific research”.

Talking with Technology Times on importance of museums he elaborated, “Museums play a dynamic role in curiosity development through public engagement in education, while also serving as witnesses of the past and guardians of humanitys treasures for future generations.” The ICOM Pakistan is committed to ensure the protection, conservation and transmission of cultural goods through the development of museums and linking them with the institutions of museum education, he further added.

Muhammad Akhter Javed also complimented the executive board members of International Council of Museums-Pakistan (ICOM-PAK) for attending and their valuable input in board meeting.

Scientists and other community members also participated in the meeting.

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