Nanotheranostics can greatly increase the quality of precision medicine: Dr. Soomro

STAFF REPORT ISB: The scientist, doctors, and medical staff stressed on the need for understanding by medical specialists, engineers and technical staff in hospitals and clinics dealing Oncology to work with compassion for the treatment of oncology, utilizing the state of the art technology. The speakers of the symposium on Nanotheranostics “A new Era of Nanotechnology”, organized by Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute (NORI), said that Nanotheranostics, its integration of diagnostic and therapeutic function in one system using the benefits of nanotechnology, is extremely attractive for precision medicine.

President ECO Science Foundation Prof. Dr. Manzoor Soomro highlighted the role of precision technology as a whole with especial reference to the use of Nanotechnology in treatment of medical ailments. He told the participants about developments of Nanotechnology in ECO member states, and shared that Iran has ranked first among Muslim countries and 7th in the world in science production in the field of nanotechnology, while Turkey is also doing well. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain chaired the first session, “Nano Carriers and Medicines: Challenges, Dogmas and New Horizons”. He appreciated the efforts of NROI in realizing the importance of the field and organizing the symposium, and assured the ECOSF cooperation for the promotion of Nanothereanostics in the ECO Region, especially in Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. N. M. Butt, Chairman, Preston Institute of Nano Science and Technology (PINSAT), and former Chairman of National Commission on Nano-Science and Technology, emphasized on the need of Nanotechnology and its role in medicine. While talking to Technology Times he said, “Nano-Technology has become one of the most promising technologies with great potential for applications in many industrial and societal sectors. It is very useful for the health sector for introduction of new formulations and routes for drug delivery, curing of diseases and diagnostics.” He further said that applications of Nanotechnology are numerous; it is an industrial revolution which is almost at our Door-steps.

The Symposium debated the obstacles in using conventional cancer therapies, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Speaker from academia and industry pointed out the lack of specificity for cancer cells and the immense need of introduction and use of new technologies and techniques (Nanotechnology), while dealing with oncology.

During the symposium, biomedical applications of nanoparticles with reference to improvement in technology in health care and new methods were also introduced for the production of particles, capsules and coatings.

The key resource person of the symposium Dr. Hamid Merchant, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and other speakers discussed; “Nanotechnologies for Drug Delivery Systems” emphasizing on Nanostructures, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, drug targeting, Nano-medicines and colon specific drug delivery, using polymer nanoparticles. The use of biodegradeable and biocompatible polymer for biosafety was also highlighted during the sessions. Milestone development of nanotheranostic system for noninvasive cancer diagnosis using RAMAN spectroscopy were other topics discussed in detail

Dr. Javaid Irfan, Director of NORI gave an introduction of Nano Science and Technology with emphasis on the use of Nanoparticles in cancer treatment. There were around 50 participants of the symposium and the subsequent workshop from different hospitals and university laboratories.

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