Message from Dr. M. Khan Leghari DG of Pakistan Museum of Natural History

The International Biodiversity day is an opportunity to stride forward to realize the importance of biodiversity and mobilize ourselves to preserve biological diversity so to ensure that its benefits are shared by all.
It is significant that we have neither ended exploring the exquisiteness of our country`s biological diversity, nor have we fully assessed its role in humanity well-being and survival, yet we have begun to destroy it unfortunately.
There are serious challenges that biodiversity is facing in present world and global community is also concerned about this fact. But we have to take advantage of number of opportunities that are still on and prevent biodiversity from further loss by redefining our lifestyles and remodeling our every action in biodiversity and climate change perspective.
Both individuals as well as the organizations have to play anchor role in preservation of biodiversity and without any of them the objectives actions will not be sufficient for rising challenges that biodiversity faces. Innovative partnerships among the organizations must be forged to preserve biodiversity and enhance its resilience to climate change, urbanization, and other aspects of human intervention that are copiously hazardous for biodiversity and causes extinction of species.
In the movement to protect biodiversity and save the planet, individuals and the community has to play an increasingly proactive role. Its the high time to join forces and act before its too late.
Let us pledge on International Biodiversity Day to commit ourselves for adapting and scaling up best practices so we can protect fragile ecosystems for the benefit of all countrymen and indeed people everywhere that depend on them.

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