Institute of Space Technology holds Open House

Staff Report ISB: The Institute of Space Technology (IST) Islamabad, organized Open House at the campus. The students of the Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering captivated the visitors by displaying their Senior Design Projects.

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Employers and guests who visited the Open House included a large number of people belonging to the academia, prestigious RandD organizations and representatives of industry. The innovative and useful projects reflecting the research skills displayed by the students were appreciated by the visitors.

The employers took keen interest in the displayed projects and actively interacted with the students. They appreciated the creativity of students and the grip on their subjects that the students displayed while explaining their projects. The Open House achieved its purpose as the representatives of the industry and RandD organizations interviewed many potential students. Over 70 projects were displayed on the occasion.

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The event holds special significance for RandD organizations and people from the industry as they get a chance of to analyze the students skills of analyzing a problem and giving a workable solution. The assessment of these skills helps in identifying potential employees from the graduating batch.

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IST maintains close collaboration with the industry. This collaboration has helped develop a culture of research and development. The industry poses its problems to the students who then work to find workable and practicable solutions thus strengthening the norm of research which is vital for any country to join the ranks of the developed countries of the world.

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