Flood monitoring system, a prodigy of PITB

Staff Report LHR: A meeting was held recently to review the efficiency and capacity of flood monitoring system established by PunjabInformation TechnologyBoard (PITB). The system was developed to counter the problems that halted timely relief activities in past during floods. This system will keep alert and enable monitoring through real time monitoring dashboard thus prompting the government and flood relief organizations to take necessary measures timely so to minimize the losses that may be incurred in predicament of flood.

Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif was also present in the meeting. He said in the meeting, “The flood monitoring system established by PITB is now active and will account to save hundreds of lives of people, homes, buildings which are located on flood prone areas of Punjab.”

He also said that the flood monitoring systemwas also capable to keep a track of the latest flooddevelopmentwhile keeping in loop all the concerned departments. Additionally, thesystemalso had tendency to ensurethe paymentof compensations to the affected persons transparently in brief time, he added.

He further said, “The dashboard of flood monitoring system is updated with adisasterbulletin on hourly basis and concerned departments during the flood season. Each bulletin contains necessary details such as the flood affected areas, injuries and the death toll. FloodMonitoring Systemhas proved to be of great benefit tothe governmentand flood relief organizations as well since it also highlights thedevelopmentat the Head Works, barrages, river and canal banks, roads, spurs, dikes and bridges both during normal water flow or an alert situation.”

The development of this flood monitoring system will ensure channelized relief activities and keep concerned departments updated on real time basis thus avoiding duplication which is often witnessed in past.

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