ICTs role in dengue eradication underway

Staff Report ISB: The Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) has come forward to aid health sector and is developing a set of technological tools that will help to efficiently monitor and use resources for dengue eradication.

The project is titled as “Dengue Epidemic Surveillance Modelling, Visualization, and Response Management System.”

According to the sources, the Ministry is to develop strong suite of tools that will account for exploration, visualization, monitoring, surveillance, and response. The monitoring system will allow the health care units to effectively devise their policy through accurate real time data analysis offered by the system.

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The principal investigator of the project is Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET Lahore which is expected to be completed next year at a cost of Rs. 23.99 million. National ICT Research and Development Fund is the premium collaborator in execution of the project.

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The official said the dengue view would also allow real-time monitoring of health care conditions related to dengue epidemic in collaboration with the partnering hospitals and the various levels of the provincial and regional SERCs.

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He said medical doctors, epidemiologists, and government officials will be able to run different precautionary measures like insecticide spraying, school closings, and vaccination (when available) etc., and see the effects and results in a geo-spatio-temporal fashion with help of statistical and analytical displays of dengue view.

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