Punjab lifts tax on internet services

Staff Report LHR: The tax imposition on 3G/4G internet services by Punjab Government was facing serious criticism from digital and social media, telcos, e-merchants, bloggers and other stakeholders. It is also noteworthy that PTA Chairman also opposed the tax decision. The tax was raised to a high 19.5%.

Various popular sites had been stirred to start “Dont tax the internet” campaign on social media as part of their blackout campaign against the tax.

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Punjab Government, however, assessing the pulse of rising fret amongst stakeholders, has decided to lift tax on internet which is warmly welcomed by relevant people and organizations.

Dr Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Finance Minister Punjab announced this in her budget speech at Punjab Assembly.

Sohaib Sheikh, President Information Communication and Technology Think Tank (ICT3) cheered the Punjab government decision, saying annulling 19.5% tax on internet services clearly showed that the government had given due respect to the digital community and telecom sector. “The Punjab government will witness the data growth momentum in days to come since the fear is terminated after this tax being revoked,” he said.

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