Science education must for S&T popularization

STAFF REPORT ISB: The sixth episode of “Making Pakistan Science Conscious” was jointly organized by Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) and National Institute of Vaccum Science and Technology (NINVAST) with the aim to find ways of collaborative efforts for the sake of science popularization in Pakistan.

Dr Anwar Nasim, President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences also attended the event and shared his vision regarding making Pakistan science conscious.

He stressed on the need of convolving senior scientists and the youth to play a collaborative role in order to make Pakistan science conscious. He said science and technology are key to development of any country and only this road leads to a prosper Pakistan.

Prof Dr Zabta K Shinwari, Secretary General of PAS, apprised the audience about the objectives of series of brainstorming sessions in a bid to promote SandT in the country. He stressed that youth is the custodian of the country and its future is in their hands therefore imparting SandT promotion will lead them to open up new avenues for national prosperity.

He also informed the participants that with the aid of a sponsor, Pakistan Academy of Sciences was soon going to launch a science essay competition for young scientists.

Director General NINVAST, Dr Javaid Bhatti addressed the session and highlighted the significance of vaccum technology in interdisciplinary research and development. He said that NINVAST main focus was on education, training, research and development in the field of Vacuum Science and Technology (VST) and allied areas.

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