Germany shows keenness in Punjab energy sector

STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Chief Minister, Shehbaz Sharif held a meeting with delegation of German origin private energy company to discuss the possible ventures of setting up of power plants to cope with energy crisis and improve the electricity production in the province.

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Dr Syrill Nunn, German Ambassador to Pakistan was also present in the meeting.

CM Punjab apprised the delegates the Punjab government along with cooperation of Federal government plans to add 3600MW to the grid by year 2017 through gas power plants.

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Shehbaz also commended the expertise of German company in energy sector and urged to benefit from them in setting up of renewable energy power plants such as wind, solar etc because Pakistan had huge scope and potency of producing energy from indigenous clean sources. He also lauded the strong ties between Germany and Pakistan and said that both countries share brotherly relationship and cooperation in power sector would further strengthen the mutual bond and take the relationship to a new high.

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The German delegation expressed their keen interest in energy projects in Punjab and considered it as a great opportunity to assist Pakistan to quell the prolonged energy crisis.


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