Training on tomato cultivation to cut import reliance

STAFF REPORT ISB: A training workshop was conducted by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) with the aim to train farmers and master trainers on tomato cultivation to boost the yield of the crop so to cut import reliance.

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Chairman PARC, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad said on the occasion that it was the first phase of training which would be replicated at provincial and district levels to nurture proper human resource development across the country.

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Director General, National Agriculture Research Center (NARC), Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan apprised that the participants of the training included farmers from 9 districts of Baluchistan and 13 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Federal Minister, Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSandR), Sikandar Hayat Bosan said, “Pakistan has enormous potential to escalate tomato production and reduce dependence on imports that costs billions of rupees to national exchequer.”

Secretary MNFSandR, Seerat Asghar said that slipshod attention had been given towards human resource development and appreciated the efforts of PARC to conduct such training sessions to account for the persisting issue.

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As many as 80 farmers and master trainers participated in the workshop, which were given certificates as the workshop concluded.

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