Robot farmers, the future of agriculture

THE PRESENT world is literally constituted of the technological, inventions and discoveries contributed by inventors and scientists. In the present time, any task can be done in minutes that took hours for completion in old times. This is fundamentally due to the reality that the manpower has been totally supplanted by the artificial machines. The efficiency is extended to a greater extent which was never imagined before with the inventions made in the first part of the 21st Century.

By 2050, in terms of population Pakistan will become fourth largest nation on earth. Therefore agricultural production must be enhanced by many folds if it has to match up with the increasing demands for bioenergy, fiber and food. Automation and Robotics can play a substantial role in Pakistan meeting with the needs of agricultural production of 2050. Recent trend in agriculture sector is to increase efficiency and cut off cost of industrial products and production with self guided harvesters and tractors which are vision and GPS. based harvesters already being available commercially. It is suggested that the efficacy of agricultural output must enhance by 25% to achieve that goal, while curtailing the evolved pressure that gigantic population puts on the environment. Agribot or An agricultural robot is also an important innovation which facilitates farmer community in many ways. They are capable to play their role form soil preparation to sowing and from sowing to harvesting.

Robots can be employed in many fields of agriculture. Like robots intromit the Merlin Robot Milker, Orange Harvester, lettuce bot, Rosphere Harvest Automation, and Self-Weeds Removal. One situation of a large employment of robots in farming is the milk bot. It is far flung among British dairy farms due to its efficiency and no prerequisite to move. As reported by David Gardner (chief executive of the Royal Agricultural Society of England), a robot can complete a perplexed task. Furthermore, robots that work on perplexed tasks (e.g. milking) carry through their role to a particular and consistent standard. Another field of employment of robots is horticulture. One horticultural practiced is the RV 100 by Harvest Automation Inc. RV 100 is developed to carry potted plants in a greenhouse or other setting. Its functions in handling and organizing potted plants include spacing capabilities, collection, and consolidation. The benefits of using RV100 for this task include high placement accuracy, autonomous outdoor and indoor function, and reduced production costs. AgTracker is also an agricultural robot that was prepared by Matthias Kasten. This low-priced and modest robot is constant and turns well in all types of soil, even in mud. It has the Basic ATOM40-M controller. AgAnt is a cluster of small robots that are proficient in mechanical weeding. These robots detects weeds and then send signals to the other robots. The wireless signal escorts the other members to the weeds so that they can eliminate them from roots hence, they save time and money and ultimately increases efficiency and yields of crops.

Precision agriculture techniques involve doing more with less and reducing harmful applications to the soil or crop. For farmers, that means minimizing the use of water, fuel, fertilizers, pesticides and maximizing farm profitability. Autonomous machines that are remotely directed using telematics will begin to appear in a limited role in the next few years. Machines will take the form of autonomous tractors planting seed, spreading fertilizers, applying chemicals, and harvesting crops in some upcoming recent years. So it is a golden time for researchers and developers in Pakistan to start work on this hot issue to meet up anticipated channels of upcoming more populated generations.

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