Plan 9 starts 6th Incubation Cycle of technopreneurs

STAFF REPORT LHR: Plan 9, after successful completion of 5 incubation cycles now has launched 6th cycle. The orientation session of the new cycle has been scheduled on July 06, 2015.

The incubated startups for 6th cycle are WebAdmins, Optimaken, Cube Exchange,, Rabbit Drop, Payload, Edutative, Squarrre, Smart Devices, Homefoodies, Virtual Dressing Room, Trequant, EduCoders, Serverless Smart City, Ges Drive Solutions, Vortex, The Echeleon.

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Plan 9 is the largest tech incubator of Pakistan has enormous contributions in providing trainings, imparting and developing skills of tech entrepreneurs. The state of the art incubator provides domain specific mentorship and investment opportunities to produce commercially viable technopreneurs for the sake of sustainable growth.

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