Declining book reading habits in our society

OUR SOCIETY is like a human body. Just as a human body composes of organs and any organ being dysfunctional will cause the whole body to collapse; similarly, a society composes of organs some of them being home, socio-economic, religious institutions, justice, etc. and these organs failing can cause the rest of society to break up. It is also a fact that the society is composition of social uniformities and at the same time social dissimilarities. Compared with the eighteenth century, the twenty first century has chanting slogans of win-win situation. In every dark-age, a ray of hope has always been dawned and changed its fate but there are some basic characteristics of human society, devoid of which no prosperity, progress and development will kiss its palm. Among these credits, speaking truth, respect for elders, celebration of religious and customary rituals, dignity of labour and many others are included. Let us all rest these above fundamental characteristics of a society on one side and trigger one aspect which is quest for knowledge or “declining ratio of reading”. It seems that reading habit is getting a distant dream and we all have divorced this cherished and ever green habit from our daily life. In todays world, reading is only compulsory to get examination passed, written cleared for job or admission in any institution etc. We do purchase books but we are unable to get its gist; we build libraries with modern facilities but are unable to give a few minutes to sit; we are able to assemble societies but we are unable to know our own. What to talk of this development! Imagine, are we at right or wrong path? The reply rests within. The fact is that reading might not be of that much importance to us but a retired person is adorned with this dowry. That is why they discover smiles because they read books. Books have the lesson of recuperating ill bodies. Nevertheless, to fight with this perpetual risk of society which is not only swallowing peace and tranquillity but also polluting human institutions, reading habits must be developed in the nation, and should be celebrated as a national day. Only then, the society can developed and flourish at its full.

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