Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan Presents Research Paper at Intnl Scientometrics Conference

STAFF REPORT LHR: Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan, Director of the Scientometrics Lab at Information Technology University (ITU), presented his Research Paper at the 15th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI). This international conference was venued at Istanbul, Turkey. The top experts from around the globe participate in the conference which is held after 2 years.

Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan presented his paper during the “Matters of Semantics” session at Rectorate Conference Hall in Istanbul. His research paper titled “Tapping into Knowledge Flows via Semantic Links” was very warmly received. He highlighted various aspects of semantic links and their utility in attaining the knowledge flows effectively. During the conference, Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan was also able to nurture promising collaborations that will help ITU and its students continue their PhD at top places in the world.

The Pakistani resource at international podium not only reflected the country`s soft image to the world but also propagated the message that Pakistan is the emerging knowledge-based economy of the world whose scientists, engineers, IT experts are innovation driven and will boom the country in coming years.

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