Climate Change: Future trends of heat waves discussed

SIDRA SAIF ISB: A seminar focusing on theme “Future Trends of Heat Waves: How to Cope?” was organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). The purpose of the seminar was to disseminate and aware the general public and sensitize policy makers to guide them in order to cope with impending heat wave challenges that are outcome of climate change phenomenon.

Dr. Fahad Saeed, Research Fellow at SDPI, said during his presentation on heat wave simulation model that in future Pakistan is exposed to greater challenges of more intensified and frequent heat waves. He said we all must increase our preparedness in that regard to make Pakistan climate resilient by reducing carbon footprints.

Dr. Abid Sulehri, Executive Director SDPI said while speaking to participants that broader safety nests must be established for underprivileged people who are more exposed to heat and climate change.“Mitigation efforts not only include an early warning system but also easy availability of basic necessities such as water and electricity to heat wave-prone areas todevelop more resilience”, he added.

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