ICT Workshop for enhancing Agriculture Value Chains in Pakistan

STAFF REPORT FAISALABAD: The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is imperative to achieve the goals of food security. This was stressed in a workshop on Role of ICT for enhancing Agriculture Value Chains in Pakistan. The event was organized by University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF).

Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor in his inaugural speech emphasized that ICT had garnered enormous significance in various important areas of agriculture. He stressed on adaptation of ICT to attain food security objectives. Imparting awareness in farmers community about these technologies can boost agriculture production with minimal cost while keeping food security intact, he added.

The experts present in the workshop dilated the significance of ICT in agriculture and food sector highlighting that this technology can prompt farmers in better decision making, managing the overall mechanism, and fixing the problems halting between sowing to harvesting.

The ICT technology is playing a vital role in e-governance as well as serving communities in various sectors including agriculture, energy, public delivery service etc. The use of modern day technology is certainly encouraging and engagement of community in such workshops and seminars can create big difference.

The notable participants of the workshop included Amir Sami, General Manager, National ICT RandD Fund, Afaq Tiwana, Chief Executive Officer, Farmer Association.

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