ITU strides to develop Robot Building Skills

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Information Technology University (ITU) has offered classes to impart technical skills in robot making and programming. The fundamental aim of the offered classes is capacity building in robotics, imparting knowledge of artificial intelligence to students, promoting innovation for automation led industry in future.

“ITU stresses on promotion of such technologies in order to develop the indigenous resource to account for futuristic needs and reduce the reliability on imported technology thus providing cheaper solution to industry”, said Dr Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor ITU and Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

The students will be able to build robots by using Lego Mindstorms and program them in order to enable them to perform customized tasks. The robots made by students will be able to respond to several situations. The classes are aimed to substantially enhance skills and knowledge of students and polish them to take them at a level where they can build robot using the knowledge imparted to them.

Earlier, ITU had also organized Robotics Exhibition to display different robots build by undergraduate students. Their projects included Ro-boat, Gesture-controlled Robot, Spy Robot, Cellphone controlled RoboCar, Robotic Arm, Lift Control Robot, Fire Extinguisher Robot, Social Trashbin and Wireless Bomb Disposal Robot.

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