USAID trains grape farmers in Potohar region

STAFF REPORT ISB: A training session to impart knowledge about advanced techniques amongst farmers for grape production was organized by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The farmers of Potwar region were familiarized with the new techniques and the ways through which they can connect to processors, merchants and exports to get maximum out of the potential benefit.

Scott Hocklander, Director Economic Growth and Agriculture, USAID said, “The grape farming in Potwar region relishes a competitive advantage, since grapes of this region are harvested before the monsoon season, when grapes from other parts of the country are unavailable.” USAID has facilitated cultivation of nearly 70% of the 420 acres of grape vineyards in the Potwar region and its Agribusiness Project has helped medium and small-scale farmers by providing plants and trellises, he added.

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