Warid leaps towards Budget Control Automation

STAFF REPORT LHR: Warid Telecom, premier telecommunication network of the country in an attempt to streamline and automate the budgetary processes, has signed an agreement with A.F. Ferguson and Co. The Budget control automation will help improve company`s efficiency and productivity by the aid of technological solution.

According to the agreement, the solution offered by the private co, will reorganize the budgetary processes, synchronize the expenditure approval proposals with ERP and also help stakeholders to see real time status as well as automated reports.

Tariq Gulzar, Chief Financial Officer, Warid said on the agreement signing ceremony, “The budgetary control automation is the parcel of Warid Telecom vision to utilize the technological aid in order to speed up the operations of the company and strengthen the internal control environment. The automation system will greatly help introduce ERP based controls on expenditure approvals and executions”.

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