Aquaponics technique is the solution for food scarcity: Speaker

STAFF REPORT LHR: The agriculture technology advancement is obligatory to be employed to yield viable results and account for various copious challenges such as water crisis, food scarcity, costly fertilizers, hazardous impacts of pesticides etc. In order to reverse the effect, Chinese roof Top Farming Technology of Aquaponics could be introduced. This was suggested by President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shah Faisal Afridi (PCJCCI) in a session discussing agri sector advancement through technology.

“Aquaponics technique is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants using water rather than soil). It is an incredibly productive means of growing food and is ecologically sound and sustainable. Another advantage of the technique is the usage of very small space and water”, Shah Faisal Afridi explained the significance of the technique during the event.

The usage of this technique can increase the overall production considerably. The farmer could also be benefitted from this technique because lot of economic advantages are tied that can increase yield and cut financial constraints thus boosting agri sector by giving it a flutter. In many parts of the world this technique is being employed successfully and it is gaining immense popularity in agricultural fraternity across the globe.

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