Knowledge Park being set up for education uplifting

STAFF REPORT LHR:The education is the fundamental ingredient of any developed country and without focusing on it, no country can even think of progression. The Government of Punjab (GoP) while realizing the significance of education and taking up the resolve of knowledge based economy, has announced to set up Knowledge Park in the provincial capital.

The campuses of various renowned educational institutes will be established in the knowledge park along with state of the art research and development facilities to account for futuristic needs and create human capital to meet the impending and existing challenges.

The Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif while chairing a meeting on the said project said, “The science and technology promotion is the key for country`s progression and only through advancement in these two sectors would enable Pakistan to achieve its goal of standing amongst developed countries. The GoP is well cognized with this and setting up of knowledge park is an unprecedented step in Pakistan`s history that will open up various avenues for students, researchers to make eminent contributions in SandT”. The CM also announced to form committee in order to continuously monitor and review the work on Knowledge Park.

The formation of Knowledge Park is certainly a revolutionary step that will yield viable results and will act as a core knowledge, information, research, and capacity building repository.

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