Telenor upfront in adapting ecofriendly business strategy

STAFF REPORT ISB: Telenor, premier network operator of the country has taken the lead to recycle e-wastes generated by various operations. The project is part of Telenor`s business strategy of ecofriendly and environmentally sustainable policies.

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The company has upgraded services and its network to offer consumers effective communication solutions that are not harm to environment. Telenor has announced to recycle about 4,000 tonnes of e-waste that was produced by modernization of their network to 3G technology from year 2013.

Faraz Shahid, Head of Health Safety Environment (HSE) Telenor said while commenting on the initiative, “Telenor Pakistan has always strived to give foremost communication solutions to its consumer while imparting minimal impact on environment and this e-waste recycling and dismantling project will help avoid hazardous e-waste driven environmental problems”.

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He further said that almost 170 operational sites of Telenor run on solar power and prioritizing HSE codes and protocols and their implementation is one of top business strategies of Telenor and it will not compromise on environmental security.

E-waste is one of the major source of inducing perilous impacts on environment that are responsible and to restrict those impacts is highly imperative so to ensure environmental sustainability that will also have positive synergic implication to make country climate change resilient.

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