Iran vows support to Pakistan in energy sector

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is facing intensive energy shortfall over the years that have accounted for heavy commercial losses and down pour of local industry as well as source of foreign investor repulsion. The neighboring country Iran has vowed support to Pakistan in order to combat with the rising energy crisis for sustainable development and national economic growth.

The delegation from Iran led by Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy member Muhammad Hassan Asafari held talks with Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Senator Nuzhat Sadiq.

Muhammad Hassan Asafari said while talking to Nuzhat Sadiq, “Iran is ready to expand ties with Pakistan on various sectors including energy and infrastructure; the gas pipeline project is of crucial importance and it will be completed without foreign impedance”.

Senator Nuzhat Sadiq welcomed the support from Iranian delegation and said that this would further strengthen the diplomatic bond between both countries.

She further added that energy and infrastructure are backbone of any country`s development and joint initiatives of both countries will allow for regional stability as well as economic uplifting of both countries.

Pakistan is in dire need of effective energy solutions and such support from international community is overwhelming and Pak Iran gas pipeline is highly significant project to curtail energy crisis in the country.

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