Pak-Belarus committed for agri sector development

STAFF REPORT ISB:The official delegates from Republic of Belarus visited the prime agricultural research organization of country i.e. National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) to see the infrastructure and contributions of Pakisatni scientists in agricultural RandD sector.

Chairman PARC, Dr Iftikhar Ahmad said on the occasion, “The visit of Belarusian delegation will help to foster the recognition and acknowledgement of NARC at international level as it is the emblem of agricultural advancement in the country introducing new technologies in the sector for boosting the agri sector on which the country relies upon for major chunk of GDP”.

The delegates expressed emphatic contentment and appreciation on the activities and programmes, infrastructure, scientists of NARC and were much impressed by the efforts. They said Belarus will support and will step to take joint initiatives for RandD development, capacity building, and agri infrastructure development in Pakistan.

The cooperation in agriculture sector of both countries will take the bilateral relationship of both countries on a new high of science and technological development. The mutual benefits of both countries are annexed with the joint initiatives and collaborative efforts in the sector. The RandD sector development will bring innovation and solutions for indigenous problems that will increase the agri sector potential at large.

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