LG Electronics unearths NeON ™ 2 Solar power system

STAFF REPORT ISB: The leader in electronic products, LG Electronics (LG)

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always brings innovation in its product because of extensive RandD. LG has

introduced a cutting edge technology highly effective solar power system recently.

The newly launched solar power system is called as NeON™ 2. The system is

equipped with the advanced Cello Technology. The system has been

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acknowledged with Intersolar award for photovoltaics on its launching day for

groundbreaking idea and technological innovation.

The system battery power performance is exclusively enhanced. The product is

expected to change the dynamics of the solar panel market due to its effectivity and


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Electrical losses reduction is the most important facility it offers to consumers

which is the main concern in previous technologies. This solar panel will supplant

the existing technologies and bring first-rated experience to the consumer.

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