Hajj Guider device for tracking, communicating during Hajj

STAFF REPORT KHI: The communication between Hajj pilgrims is a hard task and often partners are lost due to lack of communication and large number of crowd converging for the Holy purpose. The solution for this problem is being nurtured at Plan9 (largest tech incubator of Pakistan) with the startup named as Hajj Guider that is a wearable gadget and is gearing up for full scale launch before next year Hajj.

“The device is a wearable band that can be worn on wrist and has supportive smartphone app inbuilt in it for effective communication between the pilgrims to ease the navigation. It is an effective alternate of walkie-talkie, and can operate on a range of maximum 3kilometers”, Mooed Qadri, Co-founder of the product said.

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